Useful Links

Ancients and Medieval Gaming (Pre 1500AD)

Field of Glory (FOG) - set of rules by Osprey
Field of Glory official web site

SAGA - set of rules written by Tomahawk Studios ,produced by Gripping Beast
SAGA Forum

De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) - set of rules published by Wargames Research Group
A beginners guide to DBA
The DBA resource page

De Bellis Magistrorum Militum (DBMM) - set of rules published by  Wargames Research Group 
Unofficial website for DBMM
Society of Ancients publishers of the bimonthly Slingshot publication
Phil Barker of DBx fame.
Richard Bodley Scott's Wargames Page Official home page for DBM (De Bellis Multitudinis) wargames rules for ancient and medieval battle by one of the authors.
Miniatures 4 Wargames - A great resource for FOG and other ancient game systems


FField of Glory Renaissance (FOG R) - set of rules by Osprey
Field of Glory offical web site

De Bellis Renaissance (DBR) - set of rules published by Wargames Research Group
Renaissance Wargaming a web site focusing on DBR

Field of Glory Napoleonics (FOG N) - set of rules by Osprey
Field of Glory offical web site

Grande Armee by Sam Mustafa
20th/21st Century Gaming

Battlefront: WWII Battlefront: WWII official site.
Crossfire Rules for platoon or company level without rulers or fixed turns.
Flames of War The ever popular, battalion level game. Official Website.
GHQ: micro armour Includes painting guides, free rules to download.
Spearhead World War II divisional level game.
Other Victorian Wargames Clubs

Knights of the Square Table (fbcwar) - Fairfield, Melbourne
Monday-Knights - Hawthorn, Melbourne
Nunawading Wargames Association - Mitcham & Croydon. Melbourne
Western Suburbs Wargames Association - Altona Meadows, Melbourne
Other Australian Clubs

Brisbane Independent Gamers Inc or B.I.G - South Brisbane, QLD
Canberra Games Society - Canberra, ACT. The Host CANCON, held each January
Group North Historical Wargames Society Inc. - Penfield, SA.
Northern Sydney Wargaming Association - Lindfield, NSW.
Australian Stockists

Battlefield Accessories - Scale battlefield terrain, excellent for 15mm and 20mm, WWII and ancients.
The Combat Company - Tabletop wargames specialist 
Essex Miniatures Historical Miniatures shipped anywhere in Australia
Eureka Miniatures Figure designers and agents for AB Figures, Ground Zero Games, Grumpy Minitures, Hallmark Figures, Irregular Miniatures, Museum Miniatures, Signifier Flags.
Hall of Ancient Warriors - Figures range from Ancients through to Science Fiction and Fantasy, in scales from 6mm to 54mm.
Mind Games Battle Front 15mm WWII figures.
MilSims Mail Order all throughout Australia.
Olympian Games Rules, books and miniatures.
Figure Suppliers

A&A Miniatures - 28mm supplier.
AB Figures - A small but good range.
Alain Touller Figures - Highly rated French supplier.
Aventine Miniatures - 28mm figures.
Baccus - 6mm figure range.
Battle Front - New Zealand supplier of fine 15mm WWII figures
Bicorne Miniatures - 28mm supplier.
Black Hat - Gladiator miniatures.
Corvus Belli - figure company with some excellent ranges.
Donnington Miniatures - Yet another UK figure manufacturer, now owned by figure painting company Ancient & Modern.
East Riding Miniatures - UK supplier of Grumpy's figures amongst others.
Essex Miniatures or Essex Miniature Australia - Possibly the most popular producer of 15mm figures. Good all round figures.
Eureka Miniatures - Local supplier, very nice site.
Foundry - 28mm figs. One of the ranges others are judged by.
GHQ: micro armour WWII manufacture, Includes painting guides, free rules to download.
Gripping Beast - The Beasts web site. Another supplier who sets the standard for 28mm figs.
Hinchliffe Models - 25mm figures.
Immortal Miniatures - a new 28mm figure producer.
Irregular Miniatures - Large supplier of 25 & 15 & 6 & 2mm figures.
Khurasan Miniatures - Company specialising in eastern armies at present.
Lancashire Games - UK Figure manufacturer.
Legio Heroica - 15mm and 20mm supplier.
LKM - Another UK based supplier.
Magister Militum - Navigator, Chariot and Hallmark figures.
Minifigs - 15mm & 25mm. Lots of periods.
Mirliton - Italian figure manufacturer.
Museum Miniatures - 15mm & 25mm figure manufacturer.
Musketeer Miniatures - 28mm figure supplier.
Newline Designs - 20mm and 25mm ranges.
Old Glory - Another manufacturer.
Outland Games - US supplier with hand painted flags.
Perry Miniatures - UK supplier of metal and hard plastic figures.
Splintered Light Miniatures - 15mm historical figures
Steve Barber Models - 10mm,15mm & 25mm figures.
Tin Soldier - 15mm and 25mm figures
Vendal Minitaures - 28mm figures.
Venexia Miniatures - Italian company
Vexilla - UK supplier of Mirliton and Venexia miniatures.
Warrior - Glasgow based company.
Xyston - 15mm tending to be on the large side.