A variety of games covering the ancients and medieval periods, the wars of the renaissance, Napoleonics and World War II are usually on offer.

  • Ancients & Medieval
  • Renaissance
  • Napoleonics
  • World War II

Ancients and medieval


The ancient and medieval period, 3000 BC to 1500 AD, covers every thing from Egyptian chariots to Hungarian Knights.

Over the years the League has used may different rule systems for this period.  At the moment the SAGA and L'Art de la Guerre (ADLG) rule systems are popular.  However their are plenty of players with experience with other system like DBA and DBMM.  Both 15mm and 25mm miniature scales are used.

The League also has a few club armies and plenty of terrain, both of which are available to members.

Every year the League of Ancient holds an ancients tournament.  This usually occurs in November.



The Renaissance Period, spanning roughly the 14th to 17th centuries, saw many revolutionary changes in warfare in Europe and around the world. The gradual replacement of feudal armies with professional forces, the rise of gunpowder, and the clash of cultures as Europeans brought their ideas, culture, diseases and conflicts to other continents present many opportunities for interesting wargames.

Popular rulesets in Field of Glory: Renaissance, DBR, Ga Pa and By Fire or Sword. The League runs a Field of Glory:

Renaissance tournament every year, usually in April. 





In just a few short decades of revolution, upheaval and warfare, the world was changed forever. In that time, a young Corsican General calling himself Napoleon Bonaparte would rise to become Emperor, and then fall utterly. The battles of the Napoleonic period could be considered the heart of miniature wargaming. It was there that it began, and there that it has so often focused.

Popular wargames for playing Napoleonic battles at the League of Ancients include Field of Glory: Napoleonic, General de Brigade and Age of Eagles.

Our recent Field of Glory: Napoleonic tournament used historically-inspired scenarios, written by League member and tournament organiser Richard Gordon, to add some spice to the standard games. You can download the scenarios here.

World War II

Can you name this tank? If you can then you will probably like playing Flames Of War. Battlefront's Flames of War is a fast paced, simple to learn and easy to play World War II rules set.  In it, you command a company level force in Europe or North Africa, re-creating actual battles, or fighting missions verses other Flames of War armies.

World war II gaming is not limited to flames of war as other rules are also used; these include Bolt Action, Crossfire, GHQ: micro armour and Spearhead a World War II divisional level game.

The League usually organise an annual mid year Flames of War tournament.